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January 5, 2005
Issue #33
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What’s the Scoop?

Happy New Year! Wondering what exciting new opportunities await you? You can get a pretty good idea just by looking at the latest issue of Independents Only—one you’ll want to have on hand as you plan your trip to CHA in Atlanta—and by checking out our latest releases below!

Sara Naumann
Newsletter Editor

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New Paper Pizazz® 8”x8” Mini Album releases!

Beginners and advanced scrappers. Busy scrappers and those who love to linger over each layout. Scrappers making gift albums and those creating family heirlooms. What do they have in common? They’re all making themed mini albums.

Because you’re one of our Independents Only retailers, we can tell you about the newest additions to our Paper Pizazz® Mini Albums line. We’ll be shipping next week—we just couldn’t wait to show you these upcoming releases!

Oh, yes—and if you want to know the latest on Profiting with Mini Albums, check out our Independents Only article on the topic: (It’s another Independents Only perk!)

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A pegable album rack is free when you purchase 6 copies per item of the Paper Pizazz® Mini Album program! Find out more by contacting our Retail Specialists Carol, Lyallyn and Missi at 800-227-9595.

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