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January 16, 2009
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What's the Scoop?

They’re a proven sales success, a great impulse purchase and perfect for scrapbook stores, stamp stores and craft stores—and, they retail at a low $1.99 each!

Our new Dazzles™ aren’t just another sticker: Metallic outline stickers, a best-seller in Europe, are now arriving on US shores with totally unique HOTP designs and packaging to give project ideas. Each Dazzles™ pack comes with an idea sheet (with complete instructions) because sales increase when the customer knows how to use the product. In fact, market research shows that when ideas were displayed, this type of sticker sold 500-1000 units vs 50-100 of the regular sticker types.

Dazzles™ are available in three different styles: Dazzles™, Stacked Dazzles™ (to be layered with foam tape) and Stitched Dazzles™. Even better, they retail for just $1.99 per pack.

They’re ideal for cardmaking, and beautiful on scrapbook pages, mini album covers…even candles and glassware.

We think the line is absolutely dazzling: Easy to use, a familiar sticker product and wonderful results—all at a great low price. If you’re looking for something new but also something familiar, all at a great retail, Dazzles™ are here!

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