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Paper Pizazz® Retailer Scoop

January 18, 2010
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What's the Scoop?

Good morning!

Christina from SkyBluePink, (a store that features anything collage-related based in Ohio) added a note with her order telling us that “The Ephemera Art Pieces CD’s went quickly and I’m ordering more.” Looks like Christina’s customers appreciate a great value?our CD’s are a great investment at only $14.99 retail. Keep reading to learn about our newest CD!

As always, thank you for your business—we appreciate it!

Sara Naumann
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

PS. We’re going green! It’s been awhile since we’ve had a new HOTP catalog, so this winter we’re releasing the entire HOTP catalog on CD. Please contact Tracey at if you’d like a copy!

Available Now: 2,600 Tea Bag Folding Squares CD!

Simple folds, sensational looks! This easy-to-use Tea Bag Folding CD is packed with 2,600 decorated tea bag squares in a variety of colors, patterns and styles—all on CD so customers can print them as they need them. They’ll also have background papers, complete instructions for folding, as well as card and scrapbook page ideas. Retail just $14.99. CD is Mac and PC compatible.

You’re invited: To Booth #3242!

This winter, we’ve got lots of must-have new releases—and we’d love to show you in person! Here’s a peek at just a few of the new things you’ll find in our booth at the CHA-Winter show:

(There’s more, too!)

Wow! Since so much new stuff can seem overwhelming at times, we’d love to give you a personalized tour through our booth. Contact Tracey to set an appointment, or simply drop by booth #3242 and Adam or Malia will be happy to give you a personal tour.

Our commitment? To make you feel like the very special customer you are!

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