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February 18, 2009
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What's the Scoop?

Did you head over to (somewhat) sunny Anaheim…or stay home to mind the shop? Either way, you can get all the info on our CHA releases—from the very popular Dazzles™ stickers to Paper Flair™ card kits, templates and Easy Peasy jewelry—right here at our retailer-only website!

Just click here to see our Winter CHA Virtual Catalog on

And did you know—you can always place your order on…it’s fast, easy and lets you order when it fits your schedule.

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Sara Naumann
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

A Dazzling Deal!

The Dazzles™ line was our best-seller at CHA! Not only are they a temptingly low price for your customers (retail just $1.99 per pack), they’re also an easy investment for retailers. Buying the line of 39 Dazzles™ in 3’s costs you only $116.42 with your retailer discount! 39 Dazzles™ in 6’s? Just $232.83! It’s a great way to bring in a fresh new line at minimum cost to you. You’ll have the original Dazzles™, plus Stacked and Stitched Dazzles™ and the Transfer Sheet. Simply click on either of the offers above—the price shown will be the retail; your discount will show in the checkout process.

Another tip? Merchandise Dazzles™ together in a group so you make a visual impact…as we all know, a few single items scattered about a store don’t make a statement the way a grouping does. And be sure to merchandise them face-forward—the project idea on the front of each package will attract the customer’s eye!

Dazzling Classes

Want to base a class around Dazzles™? Great idea! Dazzles™ can be used for just about any papercraft—just pick a technique like these:

  • Place a Dazzle™ on vellum, turn it over and use a stylus to dry-emboss
  • Combine Dazzles™ with Souffle or gel pens or chalk
  • Take advantage of the current DIY wedding trend and show brides how to decorate candles, votives and champagne glasses with Dazzles™

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