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February 29, 2008
Issue #119
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What’s the Scoop?

We’re finally rested up from the CHA-Winter show—and I’m just unpacking my bags from the CHS/Stitches trade show in the UK! Whew…it’s been a busy time for the industry. Curious to know the latest trends from these shows? Just read on!

Sara Naumann
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

CHA Trend: Bohemian

The hip bohemian look was all over scrapbooking and card making products. It’s a takeoff on the Vintage or shabby chic look; the difference is in the color palette and icons. Icons include bird silhouettes, botanicals, swirls and medallions. Colors are either bolder (red and black) or softer (pale blue and washed pink). And look for white accents as the neutral in these color combos. The trend also features mixed textures, like fabric and paper and metal—plus mixed patterns, such as stripes and florals.

CHA Trend: Pirates & Princesses

Wings. Crowns. Tattoo-style hearts. And bling, bling, bling. It’s the edgy-yet-innocent Pirate and Princess trend, and it’s a great example of a trend that can go from mainstream to extreme. Think of Disney’s twist on the trend—Disney Princesses and Pirates of the Caribbean have inspired countless Halloween costumes, and resulted in Pirate and Princess parties held at the Magic Kingdoms. Take pirates and princesses to another extreme, though, and you’ll find an edgier, tattoo-style effect that appeals to teens and 20-somethings. For a third impression, take a look at the artsy Somerset Studio magazine, where wings and crowns grace vintage-style images.

CHA Trend: Traffic Slow, Buying Stays Strong

Comments on the show floor inevitably addressed the noticeable decrease in show traffic—yet vendors also said their sales were strong. The conclusion? Fewer “tire-kickers” were walking the show floor this year, which allowed vendors more time with qualified buyers. “We had a great show,” said HOTP President Paulette Jarvey. “Our new product lines were very well-received, and new line extensions did exceptionally well.” Jarvey also mentioned the number of international customers at the show, noting new HOTP accounts in Japan, Mexico, Cypress and Brunei.

CHS/Stitches Trend: Chocolate!

One of HOTP’s top-selling items at the Stitches show in the UK? Chocolate Use ‘Em for Anything papers, brads, monogram and silk flowers. “Who can resist chocolate?” asked one retailer. “Especially when it’s guilt-free!”

CHS/Stitches Trend: Paper Engineering

“Paper engineering and dimensional elements get even more creative this year,” predicted U.S. gift and stationery trade magazine Gifts & Decorative Accessories. This was also evident in the UK, where card makers, stampers and paper crafters loved the ideas of teaching and selling paper engineering techniques in workshops and demos. The clear winner? New templates from UK-based designer Susan Niner Janes.

CHS/Stitches Trend: Another Slower Show…

…with more strong sales. Sure seems to be a trend in the industry—while fewer attendees make people talk, everyone seemed to agree that those who attended the show were serious buyers. And as with CHA, the lower attendance meant vendors could spend more time with customers. HOTP presented a Retailer Training Day event plus four workshops, all of which sold out to retailers looking for the latest products and inspiration.

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