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March 1, 2005
Issue #37
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What’s the Scoop?

Happy Spring! In this issue, I’m delighted to introduce you to a wonderful new product line called Overlays. This is a collection of 12 different sheets printed with themed definitions. You’ve just got to check these out—keep reading to find out more!

Sara Naumann
Newsletter Editor

New: Overlays!

Clearly creative. Our newest delight for scrapbookers is a line of clear overlays printed with themed definitions called Overlays. These true 12”x12” sheets can be placed on top of a patterned background paper: just slide them into your sheet protector—no adhesive necessary. (You can also attach them with brads, eyelets or staples!) You can position the definition to read across the top or along either side of your page. Available in 12 different themes, from Birthday to Christmas, Heritage to Vacation.

A cut-off strip contains the item information for retailers; scrappers can simply cut the strip off. Retail $1.49 each; $37.25 per package of 25.

Got questions? Want to place an order? Then contact our non-commissioned Retail Specialists Carol, Lyallyn or Missi. They’ll be happy to help!

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