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March 25, 2008
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What’s the Scoop?

Our Winter 2008 Hot Off The Press virtual catalog is online and ready for you!

It’s so cool and so easy to use. Simply “flip” the pages. Looking for something specific? Just type the product name into the search field and you’ll see a list of results.

Even better—you can flag pages with “sticky notes” too!

And when you want to find out more about a product or place an order, simply click on the image in the catalog and you’re there. Couldn’t be easier! (Thanks to our IT guys for making it happen!)

Sara Naumann
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Independents Only Retail Tips: Raises

You have a great employee and you’re wondering what to do about his or her compensation. You think you should be giving raises and you want to know what to do. We’ve got help. Human Resources expert Sandy Bundy shares tips and advice for giving raises in this month’s Retail Tips article on Independents Only!

Independents Only: Decorated Sara’s Surfaces™

It’s a card. It’s a gift. It’s a fantastic new idea that’s sure to charm both card makers and scrapbookers—and it makes a great class idea. What are we talking about? Decorated Sara’s Surfaces™ portfolios! Take a look at our Tips & Techniques column for more!

Independents Only: Retailer Trends

Each winter, Hot Off The Press conducts a Retailer Survey. Besides having the chance to win free products (always a good thing!) the retailers who responded also gave us insights into their business—and their challenges. Click here to read more in our Trends column.

Independents Only: Giveaway

Who teaches classes at your store? Tell us and you could win a set of our new Journaling Stamps! Just click on the Giveaways form, fill out the survey and you might be a winner!

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