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Paper Pizazz® Retailer Scoop

April 02, 2010
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What's the Scoop?

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We’ve partnered with DMC to offer 3 lines of their Color Infusions thread: Memory, Silky and Sparklers. The Sparklers and Silky threads work beautifully with our Stitched Dazzles™! Each thread is hand-wrapped on a clear recyclable shuttle to keep it organized and ready to use. Notches on the shuttles hold the thread in place. DMC Color Infusions threads are acid-free, fade-resistant and color-fast. The Memory Thread keeps its shape. Read below for ideas.

Planning your Mother’s Day classes and projects? We’ve got some great suggestions for just the right product that will put a smile on any mom’s face. Keep reading to learn more.

Thank you for your business, we certainly appreciate it!

Paulette Jarvey

Keep reading to learn more.

Now Available: Memory Thread!

Memory Thread is amazing—soft to the touch with a satin finish; its unique memory lends shape and definition to jewelry and papercrafting projects. Wrap it around a pencil for corkscrew curls and place them around flowers then add to a card or scrapbook page. Use it to tie on a gift tag or hang an ornament. You can form a name on a page or card, outline designs, create shapes or even make butterfly antennas—the possibilities are endless. Once you start using it, you’ll think of so many other uses, it’s amazing! We’re offering 12 colors with 3 yards each.

Retail $2.99 each.

Now Available: Silky Color Infusion Thread!

Rich, gorgeous Silky Color Infusion thread is the perfect touch to your papercrafts. Use them with Stitched Dazzles™, or to tie on the top of a tag, wrap around a photo or along the fold of a card. We’re offering 8 different colors of irresistible satin thread with 5 yards each.

Retail $2.99 each.

Mother’s Day Products

Looking to add some excitement to your store this spring? Stock your store with these fun products that make a perfect gift for Mom. Even better? Use them to create a homemade gift that will melt any Mom’s heart!

It’s a great way to add a smile to your spring sales!

Thank you for your business, we certainly appreciate it!

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