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July 21, 2014
Sarah Spoon: 1-800-227-9595 x1031

When I first held one of these cards, I couldn’t help but smile.  A handmade card already feels thoughtful and personal, but these cards add an element of surprise.  I oohed with delight when I saw the cards shift, move and twist.  Here at HOTP, we knew they were something special, but they’ve astounded us with their incredible sales already!  I’m certain your customers will enjoy them, too!   As always, if there’s any way I can ever be of service to you, contact me at (800) 227-9595 ext. 1031 or

Interactive die-cut cards:  Available NOW!

Hot Off The Press has just made your card making convenient, fun and simple with these pre-cut blank card sets! All sets include 5 moveable die-cut cards and 5 envelopes. These verstilie sets of pre-cut blank cards and envelopes also include paper patterns to help you cover the card front along with a project inspiration!
Our brand new line of interactive cards begins with these 6 designs:

Oval Swing Blank Card - #3423, Retail: $3.99.


Rectangle Swing Card Blank Set - #3424 – Retail: $3.99


Heart Swing Card Blank Set - #3425 – Retail: $3.99


Side Step Blank Card Set - #3426 – Retail: $3.99


Shutter Blank Card Set - #3427 – Retail: $3.99


Center Step Blank Card Set - #3428 – Retail: $3.99


Sarah Spoon
Sales Manager, Hot Off The Press, Inc.

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