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August 2, 2005
Issue #52
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Independents Only is Online!

We know you love our Independents Only bi-monthly newsletter. We also know you love visiting our website, And we know you want more of both. The solution? Independents Only is now a monthly online publication packed with the latest product and retail information.

That’s right—this summer Hot Off The Press is releasing a complete product line featuring slide mounts. We’re calling it (you guessed it) Slide Mount Mania™!

What inspires us to design, develop and create a new line like this? Well, we’ve taught sold-out classes on slide mounts at CKU and scrapbooking conventions across the U.S. and Australia, New Zealand and the UK. It seems consumers can’t get enough of these little paper squares.

We’ve also noted a trend in the industry toward embellishments that aren’t “lumpy”, but only slightly three-dimensional. Slide mounts are flat, acid-free and perfectly safe for scrapbooks. (They also look great on cards!)

Keep reading to find out more about this great new line. I think you’ll really enjoy the possibilities for class projects, demos and of course—profits!

Sara Naumann
Newsletter Editor

New Slide Mount Mania™

New Slide Mount Mania™ Idea Book

What can you do with slide mounts? Here are 145 ideas—plus this book contains 43 vellum images and 44 overlay images so you can get started right away! $14.99.


8 New Slide Mount Styles

These little packages are irresistible! Each one contains the latest shapes and sizes for just $2.49 per pack. Look for standard, circular, jumbo, stereo and more.


New Slide Mount Mania™ Template

Create your own slide mounts and accessories—here are 5 NEW slide mount shapes not seen anywhere else, plus mini envelopes, ribbon slides and tags. $4.99.


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