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August 14, 2014
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Surprise Your Customers!

Wow, what a fantastic trip to the CHA Paper Arts show in Atlanta! It was a pleasure to meet and talk with so many of you about your stores, your passion for crating and also hear about what your customers would like to see in your stores. Retailers from all over the country attended and all of their customers had one thing in common: They're looking for something new and different.

My favorite comment came from a retailer who said “I’ve been in this business for 30 years and after a while it seems like all of the products from all of the vendors are just slight alterations of what I bought the year before. This is the first time in very long time that I saw something new.”

She was talking about one of our hottest new releases, Heat Resistant Acetate. That’s right! You can now heat-emboss your stamped images onto our acetate with absolutely NO WARPING. I had the sample projects below at our booth and people kept touching and inspecting with delight. The effect is stunning and there’s simply nothing else like it around.

Heat Resistant Acetate (5 sheets per pack, 8.5"x11") - #4234, Retail: $6.95



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