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November 1, 2006
Issue #90
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Introducing Your New Retail Specialist!

I’m pleased to welcome Tracey Chabot, your new Retail Specialist at Hot Off The Press.

Tracey Chabot

A fun and outgoing personality combined with a love of crafting and a variety of experiences make Tracey a great resource for retailers.

Tracey has worked as a visual merchandiser at both Target and New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and was also an intern for Walt Disney Studios/Buena Vista Pictures Marketing. She’s originally from Connecticut and has also lived in Texas.

With her love of scrapbooking and card making, Tracey enjoys visiting scrapbook stores and attending classes and crops—she sees it as a unique opportunity to observe emerging trends, new ideas and techniques.

Tracey is looking forward to interacting with independent retailers from around the world. “I’m very excited to see new stores popping up all over the world as the love of scrapbooking continues to spread globally. I look forward to hearing from our international customers about the trends and styles of their cultures and countries.”

You can reach Tracey at, or by calling 800-227-9595.

Sara Naumann
Newsletter Editor

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