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November 18, 2008
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What's the Scoop?

Busy preparing for the holidays? Planning Christmas products to help your customers scrap into the New Year? Then check out our festive array of Christmas-themed papers, brads, Brad Buddies™ and more—simply click here!

And if you could use a little extra time this season, don’t forget you can place your order online—whenever suits your schedule! Just visit at If you prefer, you can also email Melissa ( to place your order.

Thank you for your business—we appreciate it!

Sara Naumann
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Cleaning Stamps

Lately I’ve had a number of consumers email asking the best way to clean clear acrylic stamps. Here’s the answer: Mild soap and water. Many stampers use baby wipes to clean their wood mounted stamps—that’s fine—but the aloe in baby wipes will, over time, damage clear acrylic stamps. Pass on the message to your stamping customers, so their stamp investment will last!

Printing Paper Piecing Patterns

Our new CD, 606 Paper Piecing Patterns, allows papercrafters to print a pattern—either onto plain computer paper or directly onto patterned paper. Here’s a tip for your customers: To save paper, you can select the colored pattern images and paste into a document—that means you’re able to print just that portion onto your paper. You can also print the project patterns onto white paper, then glue the individual pieces onto the back of your chosen patterned paper and cut out.

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