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November 29, 2005
Issue #64
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With CHA Winter only a few months away, I am so excited to bring you the latest information on some of our brand-new releases…just in time to get a jump-start on winter sales! Take a look at the newest product from Hot Off The Press.

Enjoy! Next month we’ll have lots and lots of brand-new items for CHA. I’ll keep you posted!

Sara Naumann
Newsletter Editor

P.S. And don’t forget to visit for this month’s issue of Independents Only online magazine. It’s designed to help you keep up to date on the latest techniques—for scrapbooking and retailing!


New 8”x8” Collections—Paper and Cardstock!

Yes, we’re adding to our best-selling line of 8”x8” papers and cardstock—after all, independent retailers keep telling us they “can’t keep 8”x8” stuff in stock!” Our two newest releases feature the latest styles and colors: Retro and 4 Seasons. Take a look!

Retro 8”x8” Papers

From clean pastel stripes reminiscent of the 1950’s to bold 70’s-style daisies, we’re celebrating the hip retro trend with this collection of patterned papers. Contains 48 sheets, including:

Retail $8.99.

8”x8” Cardstock for Retro

Designed to match the Retro Papers, these cardstock sheets are custom-colored to work perfectly with our retro patterned papers. Contains 24 sheets (2 sheets each of 12 colors) of textured cardstock. Retail $5.99.


4 Seasons 8”x8” Papers

Winter, spring, summer and autumn…each season is beautifully represented in this gorgeous collection of patterned papers and art. Contains 48 sheets, including:

Retail $8.99.

8”x8” Cardstock for 4 Seasons

Designed to match the 4 Seasons papers, this custom-colored cardstock collection features natural shades from sky blue to grass green, autumn browns and winter white. Contains 24 sheets (2 sheets each of 12 colors) of textured cardstock. Retail $5.99.

Of course, we’ll have matching albums for our Retro and 4 Seasons collections. Available to ship in December—you can pre-order them now. Retail $12.99 each.

Got questions? Want to place an order? Then contact our non-commissioned Retail Specialists Carol ( or Lyallyn ( They’ll be happy to help!


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