Thinking of You Butterfly Card
Gail Booth

Thinking of You Butterfly Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Use the "innies" from your leftover Dazzle sheet for extra embellishments. Use the glassine envelope from the Cardmaker's Creative Pack as a template to make other envelopes out of vellum.



  1. Place your card with the fold on the left. Cover with dark blue text paper, but leave upper left and lower left corners loose. Place scalloped border Dazzles on top and bottom edges. Cut two 12" lengths of ribbon. Tuck 1/2" of each ribbon under loose paper corners and glue in place. Leave loose.
  2. Cut a 5"x6" dark purple fern paper and tear off a 1/2" strip from bottom edge. Tear off top edge at an angle, leaving a 5" height on the left and a 2" height on the right. Punch 2 holes 3/8" from left edge, 1/2" from top and bottom. Thread loose ribbon ends through holes and tie a bow as shown. Glue fern paper down, with 1/8" borders on right and left.
  3. Using glassine envelope as template, trace envelope outline on purple vellum. Cut out, score, fold and Zot edges in place. Place on purple, 1/2" from right edge, 1" from lower edge. Cut out purple scalloped corner label and foam tape to envelope. Back a large butterfly Dazzle with dark purple and foam tape to label. Cut out a dark blue label and mat on light blue paper with 1/8" border. Place the large doily dazzle on top part of label and cut off Dazzle around label edge. Cut out the "Thinking of You" label and place border Dazzles on right and left edges. Punch a hole at top of both labels, tie with a 6" length of ribbon and trim ends. Place in envelope. Place a double thickness of foam tape behind top of blue label, a single thickness of foam tape behind the top label.
  4. For inside: Cut a 2 1/2"x6 1/2" dark purple fern paper, tear lower edge at angle and place at fold. Cut a 5"x2 1/2" blue text paper, tear off 1/2" of lower edge and place at top of card. Cut out small fern label and mat on light blue with 1/16" border, then on purple vellum with 1/8" border. Foam tape as shown. Place "happy thoughts" and two small butterfly Dazzles on blue. Place tiny dot "innies" Dazzles on fern. Use tiny triangular "innies" Dazzles (from large doily) for corners of fern label.