No Peeking Card
Debbie Samples

No Peeking Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Use the embossing folder one way for bricks, and the other way for roof tiles.



  1. Card front: Cut your card so it is a 5” square. Place the card with the fold on top and cover with Noted black/tan paper. Open up the card and emboss the front only with the bricks image, making sure that the tiles are running vertically. Also make sure that the raised side is on the top. After embossing, close your card and run black ink over the surface to ink the raised areas. Die cut the bricks twice from black cardstock. Foam tape these tiles randomly to the roof to give it color and texture. With the fold at the top, score your card front only horizontally at 2½” and crease into a mountain fold. Cut a 3”x5” white cardstock. Cover with Noted red/black dot paper. Emboss with the bricks embossing folder, making sure the tiles are running horizontal, and that the raised part is on top. Run white ink over the surface to cover just the raised areas, making it look like bricks. Cut off the top 1”, and foam tape it across the chimney, even with the top edge. Cut a 3”x3” white cardstock, and cover with Noted red/black dot paper. Use the same procedure to emboss, and ink. Glue to the top back of the chimney. Glue only the bottom half of the chimney to the bottom half of the card front.
  2. Stamp all four Santa stamps in black on white cardstock. Color as follows: Hair: BG4 & BG1, Clothes: DR5 & CR8, Shoes: BG10, Skin: FS2, FS3, FS6, Pants & Suspenders: EB2. Cut out each piece close to the stamped edges. Glue just the heads together, leaving the bottom part free. Glue to the back of the chimney, so the faces are showing on the front. Tuck just a bit of the front images between the chimney layers.
  3. Back each of the light bulbs in the Dazzles™ string with gold holographic glitter paper. Cut close to the Dazzles™ edge. Place along the bottom of the roof. Stamp “NO PEEKING” in black on a 7/8” square of white cardstock. Mat on black cardstock with 1/8” borders. Foam tape 1” from the bottom edge. Add a red bow Dazzles™ and a green wreath with a red bow Dazzles™ as shown.
  4. Card inside: Cut a 5”x3” Noted black/tan paper. Run through the embossing folder with the tiles running vertical. Ink the raised surface with black. Glue to the card bottom. Place “Merry Christmas” Dazzles™ on two black cardstock pieces and foam tape near the bottom. Place the gift and holly Dazzles™ on either side as shown.