Wisdom Whispers
LeNae Gerig

Wisdom Whispers
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Paint paper backed Dazzles™ with Smooch® inks and if you get paint on the actual Dazzles™ edges you can quickly wipe it away with fingertip or cotton swab while it is still wet.



  1. Place the Center Step Card with the fold on the top. Trace the Center Step front panel pattern onto Cardmaker’s Earth’s Palette Creative Pack striped paper. Ink edges of 2 3/4”x3 ½” tan paper and mat with blue paper, leaving 1/8” borders and ink edges. Glue to the panel center, 5/8” from the top. Ink the edges of ¾” wide strip of Cardmaker’s Earth’s Palette Creative Pack blue paper across the panel, 1/8” from the bottom and trim even with the panel edges. Glue the panel to the card front.
  2. Place Wisdom Owl Dazzles™ border on the blue border with Brass Jewel Border Dazzles™ on the top and bottom. Trace the Center Step Card left and right side panels onto tan paper and ink edges. Glue to the card sides and place Wisdom Owl Dazzles™ on the sides as shown.
  3. Place Wisdom Owl Dazzles™ tall owl to the tan rectangle with “Wisdom Whispers” at the top. Paint the owl with Smooch® Inks: Coastal and Gold Lame for ears, Dust for eyes, Gold Lame for beak, Dust and Coastal for chin, Coastal for wings and all 3 Smooch® colors for chest and tail feathers. Let dry. Place 3 Gold Pearl Feather Dazzles™ on the right side of the border. Use ½” wide Emma’s Garden tan stitch ribbon to make a bow and Zot( to the feathers as shown.
  4. Inside: Ink edges of 3”x1 ¾” Cardmaker’s Earth’s Palette Creative Pack blue paper and glue to the card center, 5/8” from the card bottom. Ink edges of 1 7/8”x2 ¾” tan paper and glue to the card center, 1 3/8” from the card bottom, overlapping the blue paper. Place Wisdom Owl Dazzles™ dream catcher on the tan paper and “Let your dreams take flight” on the blue paper as shown. Color the dream catcher with Smooch® inks as shown.