Wanderlust Tunnel Card
Debbie Samples

Wanderlust Tunnel Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Have some of the Dazzles™ overlap the window for a great 3-D look.



  1. Card front: Use the Tunnel Card Die-Cut for your base. Cover the outside with Trail Blazer border paper, with the border and compass in the top left corner. Ink the edges. Cover The inside base with Trail Blazer map paper. Ink the edges. Fold on all of the score lines. Cover the Tunnel section of the card with Trail Blazer green/brown faded paper. Ink all the edges.
  2. Place the “Wanderlust” Dazzles™ on the top. Place the border arrows under, on the border lines. Place the compass and jewel Dazzles™ as shown. Back a long leaf Dazzles™ with a Copper Mirror Sheet. Cut close to the Dazzles™ edge, and stick to the bottom right corner.
  3. Card inside: Back “The Road Less Traveled” Dazzles™ with Trail Blazer green paper. Cut close to the Dazzles™ edge. Place the tunnel section over the base and glue the Dazzles™ in place within the window space. Use Ultra Tape to glue the two outside folds to the card base.
  4. Back the Adventure part of the “Life is an Adventure” Dazzles™ with Copper Mirror sheet. Cut close to the Dazzles™ edge. Glue to the top right corner. Place the rest of the Dazzles™ as shown. When overlapping the stem Dazzles™ on the window, lightly tap the back of the overlapping part with talcum so it will not stick.