Beautiful Butterfly Notelet Box & Cards
Debbie Samples

Beautiful Butterfly Notelet Box & Cards
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: This notelet box will make a great gift.



  1. Box Section A: Take the triangular section with the extended piece and fold along the score lines. Use the Ultra Clear tape on the large tabs to glue the box together, making sure that all tabs are hidden on the inside of the box. Repeat with the other section, and use the extend piece from Section A to form the main hinge of the box, sticking it into the inside of Section B, leaving the ribbon holes free.
  2. Tie a 10” section to each side of the box. Glue a butterfly strip on each side of the box. Shape the butterfly sections, and glue the bodies to either side of the box top, so the halves meet in the middle.
  3. Decorate with Jewel Dazzles™.
  4. Card inside: Decorate the small gift cards with the matching pieces from the Flutterbye Wings page. Place Dazzles™ on each card. Put the cards and envelopes inside the box, and tie closed.