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Project Idea
Project Idea
Click here to see supply list and instructions for this project.
Project Instructions
Click here to see supply list and instructions for this project.
Project Instructions

Customer review: I love all the CD/DVDs Paper Wishes offers & this one was no different!!! So many selections to choose from & easy instructions! Will definitely add to all my scrapbooking needs!

Customer reviews

I love all the CD/DVDs Paper Wishes offers & this one was no different!!! So many selections to choose from & easy instructions! Will definitely add to all my scrapbooking needs!
Love, love, love this cd. Since I can't even draw a straight line, this is the cd for me. Thank you bunches
I really liked them. I'm sure I will get good use of them
Great designs that I can use in my scrapbooking and my cardmaking. An excellent resource and reference for me.
Just what I have been searching for to help create delightful cards. Easy to use. Great value for the nominal price.
I have this cd, I like it very much.
I have loved paper piecing for a long time. I got most of my patterns from free sites on the web. I have done just about all of them I can find. But now I have this CD and I LOVE it. I have already used several in my grand-daughter's Disney World scrapbook. So easy to use and so convenient. I will be using this forever!
This disc is worth every cent i spent for it. I love the paper piecing and this makes it so easy
This is a good cd it is fun to do the small thing for my scrapbooking
Once I figured out how to clip the images in Adobe, I started sizing some of the patterns immediately to use on cards. This is a good buy. I would recommend this to other paper crafters.
I love, love, love the 606 Paper Piecing Patterns CD. There are so many patterns to choose from; I can find one for every type of page I am working on! Carol
i am so so happy that i odered the paper pieceing and excited that i ran into your website i love it love it it's a challenge and different i don't think i'll ever get tired of it i ordered quotes,ephemera,alphabet your web your so fun to watch. thank you for everything pretty good pricing.
These look great! I would really like to use them for card making but a lot of the patterns appear too large. Can the patterns be down-sized before printing to fit on cards?
The patterns are very cute. Now I will have to figure out how to do paper piecing. Thanks.
I love this CD. I have used it 3 times since I got it 2 weeks ago. It's so much fun. I even got a friend of mine interested in ordering it! I love the fact that I can use my scraps to piece the adorable patterns together and have had many compliments on the few I have done. I love it and am so glad I got it. There are so many different patterns to choose from. SO much fun!
This CD is a steal--to have all of these books in one CD. Great for kids, grandkids etc.
I love paper piecing! I`m allready the happy owner of the three books; they are nearly Worn out! At last you produced them for a CD-rom and i`m even more happy! Thank You!
—Gro Elin
I already owned two of the three books (and lots of the papers to match) and thought the CD might be easier to work with (no tracing, etc). It is nice to have it all in PDF format but it would be better if you could select the "pieces" of the design and copy to a design software/word processor and print just that part onto the paper (there would be less waste). Has anyone figured out a way to do that?
I loved this CD. I already have all three in book form, but wanted something I could search through and find projects more easily. I also have a digital cutter, KNK Maxx and can use the pdf format to make these into digital cutting files that cut out perfectly for me and enable me to size the project perfectly. Just love it. Thanks, Chriss
I enjoy clicking through the pages but I must admit that I am not a paper piecer but I use more clip art. It was a little difficult at first to find out how to cut and paste the picture but finally did figure it out. I love being able to resize. The content is more "cutzy" which is OK but I usually prefer more "mature" images.
The 606 paper piecing CD arrived today, I love it. so many things to print out, the patterns are very cute. Thanks.
—Elizabeth MacEachern
I'm so glad I have this cd!! Such a handy item when I'm making cards or scrapping. Love it!!
My daughter has ordered the CD for me, I can't wait to see it. I have recently come across the ABC pape rpiecing book, and I wanted the other books too. I was so diappointed when I couldn't find them. I am so glad I checked out your site and found the CD.
I just recently received my order from Paper Wishes. I am very satisified with every item I ordered. I am especially pleased with the Paper Piecing cd. I love the patterns and will use them in my cardmaking.
ITs the one I love the most. My kids (ages 6-9) love the patterns. they love making them for their friends and family. Theres so many holidays to choose from. If you love to make thing from paper, this is the CD that you need to have. Its easy to use, and fun to play with. I recommend this to everyone. =)
I love this CD - so glad I ordered it! I mentioned it on a Yahoo Paper Piecing group that I joined and hopefully I am sending some more business your way! Lots of people wanted to know where I purchased it! Thanks for another great product!
This CD has so many cute designs - and easy to follow instructions!! I made 10 of them in just the first 2 days since receiving the CD - it's additing!! Thanks for such cute designs!
So many patterns and very easy to follow. Some seem to be duplicated with just a slight change.
I loved the new items I bought a Paper Wishes. I have already completed at least one project using each and every one. Keep up the good work.
—Linda Brown
Great CD. I printed out the table of contents to each book and use it for easy reference for when I need just the right pattern.
I have a cricut machine and Sure Cuts a Lot software and heard about this CD of patterns on my yahoo group. I was a little worried that it would be difficult to get a pattern into SCAL but it was pretty easy. Now I have 606 new patterns that I can cut with my cricut.
A great value and a wonderful source of ideas ...from cute and cuddly critters to homespun angels and scarecrows. I would buy it again in a flash !
This CD looked interesting and boy am I glad I ordered it! This works great for me and takes up next to zero space (unlike the $250 die cutters)!! I'll be looking for more of these in the future. I have always been very satisfied with everything I've ordered and always look forward to new ideas...thanks!!
I have all of the paper piecing books that I know of - and I love them but when I saw the new 606 Paper Piecing Patterns CD I ordered it immediately. It is a perfect companion to the books or in lieu of having the books. You can print just what you need. I wish every scrapbooker could have this CD. It is a blessing.
—Marcia J. Wise
I have one of the hardcopy books and now I have the CD with three books. I love them. These pictures are so very cute and I really like the paper piecing concept; I use the technique for making greeting cards. I can't draw so I appreciate those who can draw sharing their talent. Thank you.
|I love all the cute figures from my new paper piecing CD! I can't wait to make them! |Thanks so much!!!!
I was absolutely amazed at how great this CD is. The designs are wonderful and I love how they are used on pages. This is well worth the money. I love it! Thanks ladies, a great idea!
Is this CD compatible with Windows XP?
Another great value from Paper Wishes, but then you guys never cease to amaze me. I have never been disappointed with anything I have bought. When viewing this CD I was like a kid in a candy store, so many choices, the hardest thing was to choose which one to make first. The instructions were clear and precise, and the fact that you included full size patterns and a finished picture makes it almost impossible to make a mistake. This CD will certainly stimulate my creativity. Thank you for being here and for all the great products you supply. As always they are affordable and you are my favorite site to visit. Each visit and each Webisode with Paulette and Sarah is like visiting with an old and trusted friend.
great for beginners. I am past this stage so it was not so interesting to me but those that are beginning and need the extra inspiration it is great. These are I think 6-8 Disney characters too. Woody, jessy, princesses, pooh eeyore.
I have never tried paper piecing, but with this cd I believe it will be easy for me to do. Can't wait to get started.
This CD is great. I have the "201" book & have wished I could get the other two books for years. I have been able to separate the pattern pieces using Adobe Photoshop & import it into my Silhouette program. It makes it really easy to cut all the pieces that I need & not waste any paper.
Loved my CD and have found it to be easy to use. I will use it the most on my cards.
—Josephine Cox
Is this CD Mac compatible?
This CD is great! I live in a small rural town. We do not have access to a lot of different scrapbooking choices. I no longer have to wait to finish a page for lack of the right sticker or stamp, I'm able to find what I need on this CD! Thanks!
I really love the products I have received and can't wait to start a new project I am very new at this and want to do more as well learn more what I can do with so many things that I have found on your web site Thank you again for sharing with me your products
Does it run on Microsoft Vista?
I am THRILLED to have this CD. I was very disappointed that these books went out of print a few years ago and had looked everywhere to purchase them used. It's no surprise no one wants to part with them. I use the patterns for cards, scrapbooks, gift tags, notes for my kids' lunchboxes ... the possibilities are amazing. There's something for everyone I craft for. Thank you for making these patterns available again!
This CD is awesome.I could'nt get the books so this is even better all 3 books on one easy to use CD If you enjoy paper piecing you must get this Cd ,even if you have the books.
This is a VERY nice product -- do not be like me and go off on your own to investigate - follow the "Start here" and things will work out beautifully. I had not been aware of the original three books but I am so pleased with the CD because I like working with the computer and now everything thing is there ready to be used and now scanning required. Thanks again for such a lovely product!!
What can be added to what has already been said except - what a brilliant idea to put these resources on a CD, especially now when everyone is watching their pennies! Where else can you get such a fabulous resource for this price that allows you to work creatively with materials you already have? No where!
The CD has a wonderful collection of paper piecing patterns for all occasions and I am excited about using them for scrapbooking and cardmaking as well. Thanks so much.
I love the CD. So many paterns to choose from. And easy to do. I love that I can use up my scraps.
I enjoy paper piecing but never wanted to spend the money for a book. I bought the cd and WOW, I'm estatic. It's so easy and fun to use. Thanks for a great idea!!!
This CD is just great. I was looking for one of the books that is on this CD and it would have cost more. Now I have over 600 designs and way cheaper then expected. I will use it again and again. Thank you so much.
The pictures are darling. The patterns are super darling and I really like having colored samples of each design for suggestions on how it could be done. I will use it a great deal.
—Heyde Sanders
This CD has so many great designs to use in scrap booking. I can use my scrap paper stash to make the different little shapes to put together the design. I will be using this a lot. Thanks


606 Paper Piecing Patterns CD

Customer rating

Love paper piecing? This handy CD was created due to popular demand from paper piecers who loved the patterns in our out-of-print books, 201 Paper Piecing Patterns, 202 Paper Piecing Patterns and 203 Paper Piecing Patterns. The 606 Paper Piecing Patterns CD combines those three books on one handy disk. Save tracing time by simply printing your design onto your paper, then cut out and embellish. Its easy! Youll have 606 full-size patterns, complete instructions and full-color examples of the finished design. Great for scrapbooking, card making, gift tags and other paper crafts!

Tip: To save paper, you can select the colored pattern images and paste into a documentthat means youre able to print just that portion onto your paper. You can also print the project patterns onto white paper, then glue the individual pieces onto the back of your chosen patterned paper and cut out.

Tip: To print out a single page, click "Print" and choose the "current page" option in the print dialog. You can also print a range of pages by entering page numbers you would like printed under the "pages" option of the print dialog.

The Paper Piecing CD is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Macintosh OS X (10.5 and up Intel only). You will need to install Adobe Reader to view the CD content. We have included that program onboard the disk for your convenience. When you insert the disk it will guide you through the easy installation.

The books offered on this CD are in PDF format.

Click here for support and printing tips.

Click here to download a sample page.

Partnumber: 1500
Retail price: $14.99

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