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Project Instructions

Customer review: What fun! I've made several of the card shapes in the DVD and have given them away to kids in my Sunday School class. Children love cards that move. Who am I kidding? So do I. I even made a few card holders for give-aways at a conference. The boss was really impressed. The DVD is full of easy to follow instructions for making the most amazing cards out of flat paper. I just need more people to give them to.

Customer reviews

What fun! I've made several of the card shapes in the DVD and have given them away to kids in my Sunday School class. Children love cards that move. Who am I kidding? So do I. I even made a few card holders for give-aways at a conference. The boss was really impressed. The DVD is full of easy to follow instructions for making the most amazing cards out of flat paper. I just need more people to give them to.
I am addicted to Theresa's DVDs. They truly are Amazing, Fantastic & have 100 Moveable parts. I make cards to send to my Bible Study group, others in my church family and to my own family, so I'm always looking for something new to try. I'm also a fan of all the weekly Webisodes. I'm so glad I can watch the older ones that happened before I got onto your website.
Amazing and Fantastic DVD. I am always looking for new ways to fold and present my cards. I just love this DVD. Paulette, the video instructions are excellent! Love the visual. Teresa's card designs are very nice. I can hardly wait until this weekend to make some of these folded cards with my friends. Thank you both.
This DVD is amazing. The instructions are so clear and with the video the cards couldn't be easier.So many different types each with it's own focal point. As I have said so many times in the past--my interest lies with the unusual to give each card a WOW factor. This DVD and the 100 Movable Parts DVD have given me unlimited examples of new awesome cards to make. The bad part is all my family and friends feel slighted if they don't get a hand made card. Thank you again for exceptional products you bring us.
Fantastic DVD. I am always looking for new ways to fold and present my cards.
I have a large family and make all of their birthday cards, etc. I wouldn't dare send them a store-bought card as all of them have said they waited for one from me. Even the guys now save their cards. I made the internal explosion card recently and I loved it. It lent itself readily to being a masculine card which are so hard to find. I loved this card so much that I think I will make a second card for the birthday coming up. I look forward to making others shown on this DVD as there are so many and they look so nice. It is great to have all these ideas in one place, rather than sorting through papers I have collected through the years to find a card style I would like to make. Thank you, Paulette and Teressa.
I am having fun with the different card folds. I did make one alteration on the pattern for the "inside explosion" card. Instead of making one fold in the center of the "explosion I made two folds that are 1/8 inch apart. It leaves more space when the folded insert is glued in the card. The finished card lays flatter for placing in an envelope for mailing.
just received my great parcel from paper wishes, and love the DVD , you did a great job with the directions, Paulette
This is a great disc - lot's of super ideas and easy to follow!
I have only watched about half of this DVD so far and it is truly AMAZING! I was blown away! I never in the world would have been able to make such beautiful cards without this DVD. I appreciate that the patterns AND instructions are also included so you can print them out and read them as you make a card. After watching the video, the printed instructions will make so much sense to you. (I like to be SHOWN how to make something, but I like having it written down too.) I cannot sing the praises of this DVD enough. It is worth every single penny. You will not regret buying it. I can't WAIT to get started making some truly AMAZING cards. It is going to take my cards up about ten levels!!
I love my Amazing Folded Cards CD. A friend gave me the summer catalog so I could order the CD. After I got mine, I told my girlfriend and she ordered the same CD. The tutorials and diagrams are so easy to follow. I will definitely be ordering other items.
I haven't had time to make any of these cards, but I love, love, love this DVD. It truly is amazing. There are so many beautiful cards that I want to make. I just wish you sold "time to Play" along with all the fun stuff you do sell. I have picked out the card I hope to have my girls Bible Study group make for Mother's Day. I sit down and watch little clips of this DVD for little breaks in my day. I care for an elderly parent with dementia at home and this is such an oasis in sometimes a stressful day. Thank you for such a wonderful DVD. I love your webisodes also and of course your product videos. That is where I decided to purchase this DVD. I truly don't see how your going to top this one but I'm sure you will.
This dvd is truely a must have. I want to try every card on the dvd. Paulette did a fabulous job of showing how to put each card together. I can't wait to get started making some of these cards a WOWing my family. :0)
I was very happy with the DVD as regards the video.
This DVD is sooo great! I just orderd the other DVD. However this one will keep me busy for a very long time with the ideas and patterns in it.
A great source of inspiration. Easy to follow instructions.Its full of such wonderful cards. No more store bought cards for me.
I just love this DVD. It is so easy to use,. It is truly very well put together and makes it easy to do the folds. A definite good buy.
What an amazing DVD. Love the way it is presented with the video and then the patterns. Will not be difficult to build some fun and very different cards.
I LOVE THIS DVD! Thanks Teresa, Paulette and all involved in making it! I've had to stop a few times and go try the new fold I've just seen. The video is so helpful to me. I love that I can print the instructions or watch the video again and again until I get the fold right. Thanks for offering such great products on Paper Wishes. Did I mention I love this DVD??? Thanks again! Hugs!!
—Becky Jo
A practical statement for the Amzaing Folded Cards is 'very useful' but a from the heart statement is 'I am impressed and inspired'. Right away I saw a folded design that I immediately new was the design for my Valentine cards. The card as shown was far from a Valentine theme but I saw the application fitting into my minds design for a Valentine to my my son's family. It had a pocket for each of the family members individual tag valentine. One card made with the folds holding a tag, LOVED IT! Now my card is not anything like the ordinary store bought but quite unique.
Amazing! Loved every minute of it and was easy to follow directions. Thanks Theresa!
I finally had time to sit down and watch this DVD and oh-my-goodness, it is simply chock full of fabulous ideas! Chapter 5 alone is worth the price of the DVD. The videos walk you through the basic construction of each type of card, which makes even the more challenging cards easy to do. Although I've made a lot of different types of engineered cards in the past there were still several new-to-me card styles on the DVD - and wonderful variations on some of the more familiar one. Gorgeous samples and detailed supply lists are the icing on the cake. I would definitely recommend this to both experienced card makers and to those that are new to the world of engineered cards.
I just made my frist card from this DVD. LOVED the results! Just follow the patterns and listen to the instructions, they work!
I have tried all the cards and they are truly amazing.
I bought my cd when you had it on HSN a few weeks ago. I am thrilled with it as instructions are great but video to watch "how to" is even better.
I just received this CD and am totally amazed with the ideas that you and your design teams have come up with. Tomorrow I plann on trying some of these. I have spent all evening watching all of this. I have have other CD's from Theresa, but this top them all!! Thanks again for all your hard work!!!
I have waited a long time till I could order this and it is a great CD. Paulette has made it look so easy, I'll have to wait and see. Great job Theresa and Paulette!!!!!
I received this DVD just the other day and I could'nt wait to see it all. The trouble with seeing it all at one time is now I don't know which card to start with. They at all just Amazing.
I've watched the first three chapters and made a couple of the cards while watching. I am so glad I bought this DVD--it's well worth the money!
I have all of Teresa's Card Making CD's and love them all, but I must admit, this is my favorite! The Webisode demos are wonderful and, as previously expressed by another reviewer, it allows you to work at your own pace and go back and view the demos again. I also appreciate the fact that they are a great beginning point, which sparks one's own imagination to expand and develop you own ideas. I would love to see a CD with the webisodes made for SUSAN'S JOURNAL OF PAPER ENGINEERING SECRETS!
This came in the mail today and I have to say I am tickled pink to have it. A month ago I took a card making class at a well known Scrapbook store. while I did learn some things, I was so frustrated. We moved along so quickly and I was slow on some things and fell behind. We did not get to make everything and I felt like my $ 26.00 was pretty much wasted. Saying all that, what I love about this DVD is that I can go at my own pace, go back if I do not get it and I don't feel like I am holding anyone else up. Paper Wishes is a wonderful company and they have such clever products AND they show you how to use them.. Here is hoping they have many more DVD's like this one!
— Susan D
I just finished watching the webisode about this product and I can't wait to order it. Besides the fact that you can use each pattern for cards over and over again, the inspiration it provides is also endless. Thank you for another wonderful product!
This is FABULOUS!!!! What a wonderful, exciting and user friendly card making DVD. I jsut got this and sat down and went through the whole thing and am starting on a card for my grandson. The instructions are wonderful, simple, and well explained--Thanks, Paulette--pictures are great and printed instructions well organized and clear.
Just received this DVD. I never believed there are so many variables to folding. And, you make it so easy to follow along. Can't wait to start. Thanks so much for sharing. I highly, highly recommend it.
Hi, just wanted to tell you I LOVE this dvd. Just got it and have made 1 card and started on the second. The step by step directions are your best so far. THANK YOU!! Almost as good as making cards with you in person!! Ellen
This newest cardmaking DVD is the absolute BEST! Teresa's designs have gotten more delightful and imaginative as each prior DVD has become available, but in "Amazing Folded Cards" the cards truly are ~AMAZING~ to behold. Yet, the videos that Paulette hosts for each chapter make the seemingly complex constructions understandable enough for anyone to be able to complete the projects. Cardmakers get so much to work with in this packed DVD - full-color photos, video directions, printable directions, and all patterns are included as well. It will be hard to top the cards in this DVD, but I'm sure Teresa and Paulette are already back to the drawing board. My only regret is that I waited so long to finally purchase this after it first appeared on the Paper Wishes website...don't put it certainly won't be disappointed!
This is a fabulous DVD. It is a valuable resource for cardmakers, and the step by step instructions with Paulette are excellent. I have been having a lot of fun making cards using the folds. I love that the pattens are included. Paulette, you and Theresa make things so easy. I can tell this will be one of my favorite DVD's. Great job!
This DVD is fantastic! Paulette, the video instructions are excellent! For me, being to see how something is constructed and explained in detail is so very helpful. Teresa, your card designs are beautiful. Just watching the videos and reading the written instructions are so inspiring. It's like having a personal instructor right by my side as I craft. I can hardly wait until this weekend to make some of these folded cards. Thank you both.
This was truly the best thing I have ever bought & watched. I spent hours watching this DVD, & could not stop watching it. Talented... I am amazed what you can do with paper. I am so excited to start making some of them. I just don't know which one to start with. Great job Teresa & Paulette for video instructions. Amazing
I just spent a few hours viewing this DVD from start to finish. I am in awe!!! I think you could take all the books on cards that I have and throw them away this DVD is that good. It covers so many of the folds that I have done for years and reinvents them and adds more to the mix. The 8 chapters include Tri-panel, Pocket, Pinwheel, Accordian, Pop-up & Pop-out, Shaped, Slider and Flip cards. Each card has written directions and patterns from Teresa and a video walk through from Paulette on EACH of the 52 types of cards making directions on every card crystal clear. This is truly an AMAZING DVD!


Amazing Folded Cards DVD

Customer rating

Fabulous folds! From our very own Teresa Welch comes a DVD filled with great folding card ideas. This DVD contains 52 styles of folds with a video for each fold to guide you through the scoring and folding process. Plus, there are 2 card ideas for each fold for a total of 104 cards!

The DVD is for computer use only, it is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Macintosh OS X (10.5 and up Intel only). You will need to install Adobe Reader to view the DVD content. We have included that program onboard the disk for your convenience. When you insert the disk it will guide you through the easy installation.

Oops! Click here to download corrected instructions and patterns for the Pull-Out Slider Card.

Partnumber: 1515
Retail price: $14.99

Product not available.

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