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Customer review: These dvds are the greatest, each idea on dvd shows so many more ideas, i love them. Thanks Theresa, 2/17/15

Customer reviews

These dvds are the greatest, each idea on dvd shows so many more ideas, i love them. Thanks Theresa, 2/17/15
The DVD of 100 Moveable Part Cards is fun. There are some easy ones, some a little more difficult, but on the whole it's a great DVD. Lots of ideas can come out of that DVD not only how to create it but the embellishments on them can easily go on other cards too. I highly recommend this DVD to all cardmakers
—Marilyn TenElshof
This CD is amazing. I did made the movie card and I created the box which opens both ends. I got the most amazing reviews when I showed it to people. They were in awe. I loved everything they show and providing the pattern helps so much. I just print it and off I go.I would recommend this to anyone.
I do alot of papercrafting,card making,making mini albums and I get alot of ideas from Youtube, Pintrest and just pulled out of thin air, this CD is great. I like having the printed instructions plus the easy to follow video. Good job
I absolutely love this CD! I made the magic/appearing colored card and it was such a big hit I received orders for more featuring an Elf and a Santa.
—Jackie Brockett
I own a Cameo and a Cricut (electronic cutters) but there's still something really satisfying about making a card the "old fashioned way" with just some paper, a ruler & and a craft knife! I watched most of the little videos before I got started, and each video was so helpful in providing ideas & inspiration on not only how to construct the card, but also how to embellish it. I learned a lot of tips & tricks from Paulette's presentation of each of Teresa's card designs, and I have now ordered a lot of additional supplies I learned about from this DVD. I would have been unlikely to discover all of these products just by looking around the amazingly huge Paper Wishes website, or even thumbing through their beautiful paper catalogs. Seeing the embellishments, stickers, papers, dazzles, stencils and other products in action was definitely worth the purchase price of this DVD, not to mention all the designs. If I had to "nitpick" just a little bit, I'd request that the patterns on the PDF files have the dimensions printed on them just like some of Paulette's solid card-stock samples showed on the DVD. I ended up measuring & writing the numbers down on my printed pattern before I started cutting my decorative paper on a self-healing mat with gridlines. I'll go through each pattern going forward and do the same thing. I've only made one card so far (I think it was called the Inside Out Flip Card), so maybe some of the other patterns already have the measurements written down. I'm in love with the DVD and can't wait to make more cards and buy more of DVDs in the future!
This is the first card making DVD for me. It is wonderful!! I have watched some of the videos and it seems the instructions are easy to follow and understand. Liked it so much, I went and ordered two more of Teresa's card making DVDs.
I really love this DVD. Very informative. I love the easy to follow instructions and the gorgeous projects. I highly recommend this product!
When I think Teresa has done it all, she comes up with more fantastic cards. I always go through the DVD first before I start a card so I can get the full impact of her designs. Wow, I can hardly wait to get started.
If you want us to rate this DVD by stars, there are not enough stars in the sky to tell you how much I love this DVD. Although I have all of Theresa'a card making CD/DVDs this is by far my favorite. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
This is a fantastic DVD!!! Wow-what variety on moveable card projects. Well worth the money! I have so many I want to try, I'll be busy for many many days. Can't wait to get started.
Best DVD Ever!Teresa's DVD Movable Parts is a must have.Thanks Teresa for your unique creative card making projects,step by step instructions.This is a one of a kind DVD that inspired me to stretch my imagination.
This is the BEST DVD, already made four cards.
Love, love, love, this CD! I have made a few cards, but my favorite card so far has been the Waterfall Card. It amazed me how simple it was to make, and how awesome it turned out. I have several of Teresa's CD's, and I love all of them!
I love this CD. I already made the graduating easel card for St. Patrick's Day. It turned out really cute. My mother will love it!
—Kathy Ferguson
I always have wondered how they make moveable cards.Well thank you theresa that mystery of life has been solved. I may not do them on a grand scale but my card receivers will enjoy them and wonder.....Keep up the great designs TEAM...
So many great ideas, don't know where to start! Great investment! The videos combined with the printed instuctions clears things up and makes it easier to know the process. Theresa is very talented.
Love it!!! So many new ideas for cards. They are exciting and fun to make.
I just love this CD! Great patterns and easy to follow directions. Definitely a must have for card makers of all skill levels.
This is the 4th cd I have purchased......I wouldn't give any of them back!! Teresa is amazing and I love being able to watch, learn and try new designs on my cards. Not only do I love the CD's but also the products I have purchased to make and embellish my cards. I make card packs and give them as gifts and everyone loves them. Until I started watching Teresa's video's, I would never have added to the inside of my cards. Now I wouldn't do it any other way....two surprises in one....what a deal! Thank you Paperwishes and Teresa.
I really love this movable parts cards dvd. I have used it to make 2 birthday cards and 1 anniversary card. The techinques are the best ever. You need this dvd its the greatest.
I have loved using The DVD Folded and Fabulous, Card Sketches, Christmas Cards, and now this great DVD! The work that goes into these must be great, coming up with all of these cards, designs, and then taping all of them, but they are appreciated, so Thank You!! paper Wishes is the best!!
I love Teresa's DVD's and must say they are one of the most used items I have. I love this one and have gotten so many ideas from it, I have already made several different cards. This is a must for all card makers! Thank you for the great DVD!
This is a great DVD. I have tried seven of the cards so far as practice pieces and have only one that was a bust. (My fault) I didn't read all instructions. This is a wonderful resource for the price. You can't beat it. The only thing I would suggest is that the videos be labeled so that it is easier to go back to the pdf instructions with out having to look through all the pdfs in that chapter, for example, to find the right one. Teresa's cards are so beautifully done and imaginative. It makes me want to buy more stuff!!
I just love this DVD. I have 5 card making CD'S and I like this one the best. I have made many cards so far and am looking forward to so many more. Everyone loves a card that does something. The cards are like receiving a gift. If you do not have any cardmaking DVD'S this is the one to have.
I really enjoyed this DVD. It is PACKED full of instructional videos to make tons of different cards. The video never went to full screen for me, but it was clear and easy to see. Thanks for the great tutorials!
awesome dvd, great ideas and fabulous cards
Awesome! Thankyou for such a great dvd... I now use each cards function to design my own cards... What great fun!
The moval cards are so neat, have made at least one of each. Love the design tool kits that I got also, can use them together. Thanks for letting me tell everone that they can'tgo wrong with the Moval Parts DVD.
T his is the first D.V.D. I have had for card making. I have alredy made a 5oth birthday card for my son,and will be making more. I loved the whole package and I am looking to see what I can make next.
—Maureen Leech
Great CD. As always Theresa comes up with some fantastic ideas that are easily executed. Also as great, is the introduction by Paulette who seems to be a natural-born teacher and explains things clearly and makes it all look so easy as it is.
OMG! This is Teresa's most amazing DVD to date! I just received my package of goodies from Paperwishes, and was watching 2 hours of the DVD (I know that there are 5 hours left). I am so frustrated as I don't know which cards I want to make first. Teresa is immensely talented and clever. I urge anyone who likes making cards to invest in this DVD, you will not be sorry.


Teresa's Movable Parts DVD

Customer rating

100 Movable Parts Cards by Teresa Welch! This amazing DVD by Hot Off The Press includes 50 video tutorials – that’s nearly 7 hours of instructional videos! You’ll make cards that slide, spin, shake, swing and wiggle. You’ll even create pop-up and pull-up cards! With 100 designs you can make a different card every week for nearly 2 years! Each card includes a set of detailed, printable instructions and patterns with crisp, beautiful photos. Teresa Welch shares 50 techniques with two example for each card. She even includes designs for telescoping cards and gift box cards! You’ll be amazed these designs are so easy to re-create. With original ideas and fresh application, this computer DVD is a fabulous deal! Compatible on PC and Mac.

Note: This DVD comes in a white paper sleeve.

Partnumber: 1521
Retail price: $14.99

Product not available.

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