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Click here to see supply list and instructions for this project.
Project Instructions
Click here to see supply list and instructions for this project.
Project Instructions
Click here to see supply list and instructions for this project.
Project Instructions

Customer review: Very nice book and very well laid out. I am a bit puzzled by some of the ideas but once I try it on (perhaps more than once) scrap paper that I can see what they are telling me. It is my second time buying this book. I had bought one before but gave it away to give to my friend's mother who was into card making but I thought I needed to jazz up my card making ideas so I bought it again with the hopes of put some those ideas into use.

Customer reviews

Very nice book and very well laid out. I am a bit puzzled by some of the ideas but once I try it on (perhaps more than once) scrap paper that I can see what they are telling me. It is my second time buying this book. I had bought one before but gave it away to give to my friend's mother who was into card making but I thought I needed to jazz up my card making ideas so I bought it again with the hopes of put some those ideas into use.
I absolutely love Susan's Journal of Paper Engineering!!! I've been crafting cards for over 15 years, so some of these ideas are not new to me - but many more are! This serves as a refresher for some designs I haven't done is a while and it opens up fresh new ideas too! I like that there are so many ideas and so much room for my own interpretation! So thrilled I bought this book!
I have had this book for four years. It has been an incredible source of ideas for me and worth every penny. I have purchased two more for friends simply because I think it's all you will ever need to make beautiful cards with simple, easy to understand instructions. I love this book and I wish Susan could come out with another one. She is a genius designer.
Great Book of fantastic ideas... I love trying all the new ways out for making my cards and envelopes... Such an easy book to follow and learn from... Thankyou..
I bought this book about a year ago and have found it to be very useful. Although there are examples of finished cards, it's mainly numerous ideas for "engineering" card designs that you can embellish to your heart's content. There are instructions regarding how to complete each type of card - - from fancy folds to flaps to envelopoes and so much more! I usually make a pattern first; then I can store it in my 3-ring binder to use over and over. I have made many beautiful cards using the designs from this book. I highly recommend it Cardmakers will find the designs easy to create I believe.If you enjoy being creative, you can take these basic designs and run with them. Very original card shpaes and ideas! I punched holes in mine and put it in a binder so it wouldn't bet tattered or lost - - wouldn't want to be without it!
I am very pleased with the book - as I always am with items that I purchase from Paper Wishes. I really look forward to the weekly webisodes. If there is a new product that I am thinking of purchasing, I watch the related vedios or webisodes before ordering it. Thanks for all the great ideas.
This book is amazing. I have used some of these ideas before, but most of them are new to me. I can't put the book down. In the first week I tried at least one idea each day to build up my inventory of stand-by cards. I will use lots of the variations to make my cards even more unique. Thank you, Susan for such great ideas!
I liked the book because it gave me lots of ideas to try. There is only one "but" in this review. I learn more by watching and would love to have a CD of this book made available. Hint..hint...
This is the best book I have brought - I brought the diamond fold(s) after seeing them used in the book. So many ideas - I will be suing this book and techniques for years. LOVE THIS!!!!!
—Linda Emory
I already had this book, but liked it so much that I got another one for my daughter's birthday. It is just full of ideas and instructions for different folds, closures, cutouts, etc. A wonderful resource!
—Beth McConnell
I have learnt so many new ideas from this book. It certainly adds new ideas for my card making and I look forward to trying all the finished cards that are also provided.
I love this book. I feel it is the best investment I have made so far in cardmaking. I am creative and have a good imagination, but the information in this book will help my thoughts come to fruition.
I am very, very pleased with this book. It is so full of great ideas I'm not sure where to start. Way better than my expectations.
—joann bonner
On the inside front cover, Susan tells us what she hopes this book will do for its readers. I can say without a doubt that it accomplishes that for me. I think that every cardmaker should have this on their craft table at all times. It is just that good! I cannot remember another book I have been this excited over.
I just received this book and have not had a chance to use it yet, but I couldn't wait to open it up and look through. So many wonderful ideas. I can't wait to get started. I know I will use this book as a reference all the time.
A fantastic book! I do much more cardmaking than scrapbooking, and this book is a treasure-trove of ideas. Thanks so much, Susan, for your creative genius.
I have been very curisous over this book. Wow, this cat's curisourity was very much worthy, I now have so many card /scrapping ideas that I don't know which one to make first!!
I love the ideas presented in the book "Paper Engineering". There are so many great ideas, I am having a hard time deciding which to do first. Thanks for this book.
The book is very easy to understand. I make alot of cards and this will help me to look a little more professional when doing so. I can hardly wait to make new cards and use some of the techniques shown in this book.
Love It! This is a "must have" for cardmakers. I have been putting off the purchased for several weeks and now as I flip thru it and read it -I wish I had this "years ago". I would recommend this book to all cardmakers novice to experienced. I have been making cards for years and now I have new things to try. I am all about making "WOW" cards and now I have new tricks to get this reaction. You will not be disappointed. Buy this book cardmakers especially but some of the techniques could also transfer over to other papercrafts such as scrapbooking and making bookmarks- those are the first 2 that come to mind. Worth the purchase price and then some- I know if I saw this book in a store where I could flip thru prior to purchase I would have been happy to pay twice the actual amount... No Joke!!
I literally read this from cover to cover without a break! There are so many clever ideas! Where do I begin?!
I gave this book as a gift to my sister in law for her birthday. Our entire card making group each wants one now for their birthdays LOL Wonderful book FULL of ideas!
Loved this book. Have already tried several of the folded cards in it.
This book is terrific. It has so many ideas about placement of folds and cuts that I am still trying to try them all. It is my favorite book (and I have a few!!!!)
The book is wonderful. So many ideas - as a new cardmaker - I can't wait to start making cards! I am going to recommend to our arts & crafts center here in Heidelberg, Germany to start carrying more "how-to" books like this one!
—K Lynn
WOW never saw so many great ideas. Lots of different things to do.
I had been wanting this book since it's first edition. I finally got it as a gift to myself! I have been making cards to sell and use for years. There were still some particular techniques that make for a very professional look that I wondered if I could be doing better and more exacting. This book was the perfect next step for me as it answered so many of those pressing questions on how to do things neatly and with precision. I got a full set of the templates a while back and a book that shows those in use. It has become a staple in my library also. I call my card selling hobby 'Elegant Cards by Miriah' and now I truly feel that each card can be done to those standards! I find it hard to get back to my scrapbooking these days with all the delightful card ideas coming my way!
This book is fantastic. I has so many ideas and instructions that it's amazing. I had borrowed it from another papercrafting buddy and had to have it.
I opened and began to try different techniques. I like the pictures as explanations and look forward to trying many more of the ideas in this book.
Wow! This is some of the best money I've spent on scrapbooking tools. This book is LOADED with great advice, design and examples. If you are just starting out, it is a MUST HAVE. If you are a veteran scrapbooker, it will take your work to the next level. If you are a card maker (like me) it will rock your world. (Cards are just mini-scrapbook pages, after all). I am a huge fan of Susan Cobb, and this book is fantastic. I find I am carrying it around with me and studying it at every spare moment. So, excuse me while I go look at it again....
I wanted this book the first time I ordered, but didn't have the money. I am grateful for my mother's gift because this book has fantastic ideas with easy to understand instructions. I can't wait to make more cards.
I recently received Paper Engineering. I am delighted with it and can't wait to try many creative card designs.
I really like this book! It has lots of wonderful ideas, and even though these are ideas are meant for making cards, I am going to incorporate them in my scrapbook pages. Even though I was expecting pictures rather than handrawn sketches, I still think this is a good reference book.
This "Journal of Paper Engineering" is everything I hoped it would be. It was not at all complicated but easy to understand and put into practice. Instructions and pictures are clear and easy to follow and I am no engineer. In fact I am quite the opposite. I have already made some of the paper embellishments to enhance my cards. Thanks to Susan and to Paperwishes for making this book available. Will use it frequently.
excellent card making book. instructions are clear and helps to produce a great card. Love it
Excellent book! Has many,many ideas and constructions....can't wait to try them all!
This book is fabulous! It makes paper engineering fun and doable. I read the book last night at bedtime...which was a big mistake because I got so excited I couldn't fall asleep. Spent the afternoon today putting the things I'd learned into practice. WOW! One of the very best items I've bought so far. Thanks, Susan, for sharing your expertise with us!
The most comprehensive paper-crafting & cardmaking book I have ever come across - I am in South Africa and I've searched aound the world. The instructions are easy to follow and I especially appreciate the multiple examples she provides for each technique. Susan Cobb is an inspiration!
—Tracey Lee
I've purchased a few cardmaking books for ideas, but none quite as good as this one. It tops all the others. Very easy and simple instructions to make beautiful cards. Very good for beginners. It is definitely worth every penny. It has no limits to what you can create with a little inspiration. Thank you Susan Cobb.
I had bought this book because I had some of the folding templates and it gave new ideas how to use them. The cards are all beautiful and I plan on using some of the ideas for scrapbooking. Susan really makes it simple!
Good book to have as a reference for paper crafting.
I love this book! My friend got it at a retailer near us, but they ran out. I finally found the source online and have been anxiously awaiting it's arrival! It gives you all kinds of ways to fold your cards to make them different. Very cool for cardmaking!
I have wanted to buy this book for so long. First of all, I have always admired Susan's ideas and I am always looking for something different to make my cards special. I think all of these variations will make my cards stand out. Thanks, Susan.
—Jean Blevins
This is a great idea book full of creative and easy projects that are different and clever.
I love this book, great ideas and pictures of the beautifully done cards. Easy directions to follow on making these cards.
—Mary Jane
This book is wonderful - full of many ideas for cards, which I am sure could be incorporated into scrapbooks too. As I am a Stampin Up representative, I am always looking for different ideas fo rmy card classes. This books gives me many, many new ideas for my card classes.


Susan's Journal of Paper Engineering Secrets

Customer rating

Want to know Susans Secrets? (and what IS "paper engineering", anyway?) Youll learn Susans paper engineering secrets for creating cards that dazzle (and get you plenty of praise!) with this easy-to-follow card making instruction book. Youll discover the most innovative paper engineering techniques, from windows and jackets to diamond folds, waterfalls and more. Youll have 25-30 examples of each technique. Yes, thats more than 300 card examples with instructionsyoull never be stuck for an idea again!

Partnumber: 2293
Retail price: $13.99

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